Q) I am not very computer savvy , will this be easy to use?
A) Yes, the menus and controls are intuitive. After a few days with the system you will know where to look for content, and how to get there.

Q) Is there really no monthly fee

Q) Do I have to download to a hard disk?
A) No this is live streaming however our systems give you the option of downloading much of the content.

Q) What is “on demand”
A) this means watch WHAT you want WHEN you want. It does not matter if you work when you favorite TV Series airs.

Q) Is this a DVR (Digital Video recorder)?
A) No, there is no longer a need for a DVR when content is on demand. You need not worry about setting up a recording.

Q) I want to get network XYZ is it available?
A) It may or may not be available as a live stream, however if it is a TV series you are looking for on that network, you can probably find the specific program or even live event elsewhere. It is probable whatever content you seek is available from multiple sources.

Q) Is this torrents?
A) No the system does not use torrents

Q) How much Broadband do I need?
A) We have tested on 2 Meg connections and only from time to time have we seen buffering. We however have had users that claim good results on 1 meg connections however this has not been our experience so we do not recommend it.

Q) Does it work when it rains?
A) YES, as long as your broadband keeps working when it rains.

Q) Can I connect a HTPC to a wireless network?
A) yes you can, however streaming quality may suffer. This will be most notable on higher quality and/or HD feeds. We do not include a wireless adapter by default. There are many wireless bridges commercially available and any of them should work. We may also be offering soon a USB WiFi adapter. A wired Ethernet connection is strongly recommended.

2 Responses to “HTPC FAQs”

  1. Ricardo Alvarez Says:

    Porque su enlace tiene un aviso que estan haciendo actividades ilicitas (Pirateria)

  2. tekno Says:

    Ricardo, te aseguro que no ofrecemos pirateria. El unico contenido que esta en el sitio son los videos cortos de ejemplos de que puede ver con los sistemas. Tampoco ofrecimos enlaces a contenido. Me interesa saber donde viste el aviso. No lo veo por google, msn ni yahoo.

    Nuestros sistemas pueden ver mucho contenido de video por internet igual que su navegador. Algunas cosas legales y algunas cosas no legales. Nuestras sistemas no son mas pirateria que su navegador o Microsoft, o Compaq o Gateway.

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